The International Mavrud Day is an initiative created by the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals. Our vision is to establish an annual wine event that contributes to the popularisation of Bulgarian wine and wine tourism on national and international level.

The International Mavrud Day is dedicated to the ancient native to Bulgaria grape variety, Mavrud. The event will include conference which will take place on October 26th, an educational and entertainment program that would span throughout the whole week, with events taking place across numerous Bulgarian cities, as well as various activities abroad throughout the month of October.


Dedicated to one of the oldest and most distinctive Bulgarian grape varieties, the International Mavrud Day aims to provoke deeper interest and understanding for Bulgarian viticulture and winemaking. It wishes to highlight the remarkable harmony between tradition and innovation that drives modern Bulgarian winemaking, and the quality and stylistic diversity of Bulgarian wines.

Our goal is to establish the day as one of the most significant celebration of Bulgarian wine, to further boost the country’s wine image, to provide information and guide consumers through the complexities of Bulgarian wine. Our strategy is built around encouraging and supporting wine initiatives and activities beyond October 26th. We expect that this initiative will not only attract consumers but that engaged stakeholders will organise further festivities throughout October.

Why October 26th?

Nearly a century ago, on St. Dimitar’s Day (October 26th), the master of Stanimashka Malaga, Aristi Chorbadzhakov - Chorbadzhaka, began harvesting his vineyard. To this day, his precision in caring for the vineyard, in handling the grapes, and his winemaking serve as an example of quality and appreciation for the craft. Thus we found it appropriate to choose St. Dimitar's Day as a celebration of Bulgarian wine, and specifically Mavrud. According to the folk calendar, St. Dimitar's Day marks the beginning of winter and the colder months. There does not seem to be a more suitable time to share a bottle of red wine with friends and relatives.


  • International conference
  • Media wine tour
  • Sightseeing trips for wine specialists
  • Professional masterclasses
  • Information campaigns for professionals and wine-lovers
  • Trainings and wine tastings open to everyone
  • Winery visits
  • Tasting menus in restaurants and wine bars
  • Events in specialized wine shops
  • Increased media coverage of the event
  • Active promotion of events
  • Interactive bilingual website with information on all activities, cellars, locations and promotions
  • Webinars

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