BAWP initiates and coordinates the activity of expert working groups that include a great number of stakeholders and professionals from the ecosystem of the Bulgarian wine industry.

The Association has the following objectives:

To unite the members of the "BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF WINE PROFESSIONALS" - with the purpose of building a community for the protection of the professional, intellectual, social and material interests of wine professionals.

To work for the strengthening of the professional and public prestige of people working in the wine sector.

To assist and encourage the development, promotion, and support of Bulgarian wines, as well as to enhance wine culture and knowledge of the community linked to the wine sector.

To drive the increase of its members’ qualification and support their professional development with the aim of popularising the mission of the association.

To act in cooperation with the relevant public authorities in relation to the development of the wine sector and the increase of the qualification of people working with and offering wine.

To maintain international relations with similar associations as well as with international governmental and non-governmental bodies and institutions.

To develop, as a common value, loyal economic competitiveness of the professional environment, achieved through high quality of knowledge, innovation, scientific research and applied knowledge.

To support and encourage educational development in the area of viniculture and to increase the opportunities for acquiring knowledge and qualification skills of students in the sector - with a priority on young people.